Thursday, March 3, 2016

Public announcement to the people of the World. Please notice.

The Icelandic history conspiracy theory.

Made by rumors around people.
And so forth.
Therefor it can be added to - intelligently with factual arguments.

Or certain facts of it, proved to be right or wrong.
(I am very aware of the fact that I don't know everything.
I know very little.
But I am learning.
Slowly - but steadily.
Being less stupid and ignorant.)


There are some interesting stories in Iceland and there are some interesting stories in the Icelandic language itself - since hundreds of years ago.

Icelandic is very boiled down. Old. Unchanged into its core with endless ways to make new words.
That is an art in Iceland.
Like boiling down a poem - into a word.
Trough the centuries we have had all sorts of names for countries.

And people.

Like so called Tyrkjarán (Turkish-robbery)

Some insane pirates came here from Algeria (reportedly) and raped and pillaged like they just came form ISIS training camps in israel.
Since Icelanders didn't really know much about those bastards - they just gave them the name of their mortal enemy.

The turks.
That happened after the christian era began.
In terror.

And there was something very - very - very strange going on - in the so called Baskavíg (Bask-killing).

A group of basks were brutally murdered by a group of men.
There has always been a missing link in that story.
Something not quite as it should be.
Something missing.

In the 15th century the danish came here like every fucking other decade and took some young boys - that were never to be found again. Raped, pillaged, murdered helpless women and children.
Leaving everything in fucking terror.
They hate us.
We - the vikings are one of the last free tribes of Europe.

We came here - fleeing the fucking romans.
Europe was made up of hundred of small little cute kingdoms.
And every queen had to go about and make sure everything was functioning and if she was a bastard - the people hanged her.
They had kings and shit to.

But a prince could go into fifty kingdoms in a summer to find himself a queen. On a frigging horse.
You know the stories.
You thought Disney invented them?
For real?

People were people in those days.

They made fun at stupid kings.
And laughed at their back and stole tax money.
Things were just quite normal.
Everyone was free, if he was not on the run from Justice.
And business was going brilliant.
They were clans of families.
Controlled by women mostly.

In peace.
Until the Romans started united europe in terror - fleeing the Arabs and the Mongols.
And the kings and queens and slaves (convicted criminals) and farmers and shoe-makers had the choice to become roman or die.

We came here.
Someone was here when we came.
I don't know who.

I guess the people of Pharaoh-islands (Farao-islands) might know something about it. Or the people of the distant past in Ireland and Scotland.
You see

I find my language very interesting.
(all languages are - I happen to know my native the best)

We live in ÍSland..
It means iceland.

Ice is ís
Fire is Eldur.
Cooking - Elda.
Lightning - Elding
Older - Eldri
Very old - Eldgömul
Volcano island - Eldey
The weird Egyptian similarities all over the whole culture.

From religion to words to traditional women costumes - made of gold and pearls, whit a pharaoh hat.
Did you know that the hieroglyph (greek word) that represents the sound of R is named in Egypt (Khem)?
It is named rune.
They must have loved fire.
Those guys.

Our history is full of holes.

Nobody is allowed access to the old books - but under the general control of the university.
Not even fucking copies.
Not much remains of our gigantic collection of scrolls and books (and religious items - now being on display in the palaces of sweden and denmark) - and they keep it hidden away.
Don't talk about it in schools.

They want it dead and gone.
This fragile proof of the past.
Written by the last free people.

Or what the fucking danish retards didn't burn ON PURPOSE!
After they stole it in the first place.
They are destroying all museums.
Rewriting our history.

They won't even name us Vikings anymore.
Now we are called "settlers".
By the scholars in the University.
Not even fucking joking.

They film viking movies and Game of thrones here.

I must see it one day.
I am afraid they have fused some roman shit with my culture.
There is a hidden past here in Iceland.

A secret past.
But nothing is new under the sun.
If you look down on a map.
And you look at the seafloor around Iceland.

It looks like a gigantic rounded island stood there in the distant past.
Fully rounded.
In the middle of the Atlantic ocean.
What might that be?
And what really is inside our funny looking hills - that make no fucking geological sense in any way.

I say

:v Let us open up the mystery and allow the public to go through what they have at home and get access to this shit online now.

We can translate it into English as we go,
And look at similar things.
And if it turns out to be slightly interesting.....
We take down the Vatican and return all the gold - all the books and all the scrolls and all the obelisks and all the things they have stolen - back to the people that it truly belongs to.

The truth must prevail!

In the name of holy justices.
We own this planet.
We - the people.

Not companies.
Not kingship.
No rulers.

Fuck those lying satanic roman bastards.
I hate them.

G Djúpúðga.